• Hotel Management Services

    Do you own a hotel or are you looking to invest, but you do not want to run your

    Establishment yourself?

  • Hospitality industry has found itself a new horizon. With Globalization finding new streams and depth, it has turned into a lucrative and even more fiercely competitive market and to stay strong and at the top of this competition, one needs to be armed with the best of strategies and that is where we step in so that we could help you gain a better potential and growth for your business.

    With Ecom Mechanics management contract, you have all the Group’s expertise at your disposal.

    • We manage and operate your hotel on your behalf as your exclusive agent.
    • We deploy our operating expertise to run your hotel effectively, respecting budgets, meeting brand and professional standards, and implementing decisions made with you. 
    • You pay Ecom Mechanics a basic management fee proportional to your hotel revenue and an incentive fee based on your gross operating profit.

    WHY Choose Ecom Mechanics?

    Expertise in Hotel Sales & Operations

    • By choosing Ecom Mechanics, you are joining forces with the leading direct hotel Operator in the India 5+ hotels. 
    • Ecom Mechanics has the most extensive expertise in the hospitality sector and perfectly understands the objectives and constraints of hotel ownership.

    High Performance Distribution

    With Ecom Mechanics you gain access to more than 20 distribution channels: websites, online price comparison sites, travel agencies, and GDS… your guarantee of filling your hotel.


    The dynamics of Ecom Mechanics market places

    Because Ecom Mechanics is densely present in India Throughout. You will benefit from market place dynamics and inter-hotel bookings (between Group hotels).


    Working with Ecom Mechanics means you benefit from the support and know-how of our local operations experts. They will accompany your hotel in its day-to-day operations with regular reviews to: — Define budgets and action plans to achieve best results — Implement expert operating procedures (investments, finance, accounting, legislation) — Guide and optimize your hotel’s performance — Ensure effective personnel management by an experienced Ecom Mechanics hotel manager — Optimize the maintenance of your hotel, in terms of scheduling and costs. Opting for a Management contract with Ecom Mechanics means opting for efficiency, excellence and profitability. You choose to move forward in a strong partnership and forge a long-term, “win-win” relationship

    Our Fully Managed Hotels..

    • The Grand Vikalp, New Delhi
    • Hotel MM Yellowuds,Amritsar
    • Hotel Uddhav Vilas, Udaipur
    • Royal Q & D Suites, Pattaya
    • Q & D Suite Mansion 3, Pattaya
    • Royal Bombay Suites, Pattaya